GREENVILLE, S.C., Nov. 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — SYNNEX Corporation (NYSE: SNX), a leading business process services company, today announced its position as a preferred distributor for Verizon One Talk cloud-based communications. Exceptional success among a limited group of resellers has spurred SYNNEX to offer Verizon One Talk to its mobile-first, cloud-first community. The expansion adds to SYNNEX’ industry-leading portfolio of services for resellers dedicated to helping customers reduce costs and boost productivity.

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One Talk, a mobile-centric business communication system for all size businesses, is a game changer in communications technology and represents the continued evolution of the SYNNEX MOBILITYSolv business. SYNNEX and Verizon are collaborating to deliver cloud-based mobile unified communications, offering a flexible solution for smooth connection between office phones and mobile devices.

The innovative technology from Verizon provides a cloud-based, virtual phone system that gives users a single phone number for use at their desks or on-the-go with their mobile device. Users experience unsurpassed flexibility as One Talk enables them to start a call on one device and seamlessly transfer it to another, or let an incoming call ring through to a live or virtual assistant. One Talk eliminates the need for businesses to buy separate wireline and wireless services, reducing overall costs with a single solution that dramatically increases connectivity and worker efficiencies.

«SYNNEX is very pleased with the successes our resellers and integrators are having with Verizon One Talk,» said Tim Acker, Vice President, Mobility and Connected Solutions, SYNNEX Corporation. «Together with Verizon, we are enabling them to offer complete solutions as work shifts from a place people go to a thing people do, requiring constant and flexible connectivity.»

«Businesses of all sizes are more mobile, more agile, and more flexible than ever before,» said Bob Minai, Executive Director of Product Management, Verizon. «One Talk has been embraced by companies that can now be more productive than ever before, and we’re delighted to work with the SYNNEX community to help more businesses go mobile-first.»

SYNNEX resellers can offer white-glove service that ensures smooth deployment of the One Talk solution. A co-sell program with Verizon offers a true collaborative environment, enabling SYNNEX resellers to close deals alongside Verizon representatives. The SYNNEX reseller advantage also means resellers can land large deals that might be beyond their capabilities by leveraging SYNNEX’ ability to scale.

One Talk signifies a continued expansion of the SYNNEX MOBILITYSolv business by aligning with the portfolio of services and solutions offered by Verizon, a top-level sponsor of the SYNNEX Catalyst conference in San Diego, California. SYNNEX Catalyst is an opportunity to engage with this leading LTE network provider. The two-day conference is an immersive experience focused on digital transformation in which attendees can connect with Verizon, as well as SYNNEX’ cloud-first, mobile-first focused resellers, including VARs, MSPs, and Master Agents, with the goal of driving our respective business interests.

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