MYRTLE BEACH, S.C., July 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Today, PC Matic released a new television commercial bearing the name «Global CyberWar.» The commercial, in response to the ransomware attacks that have swept across our nation over the last six months, is narrated by the following script:

>We are at war; a global cyberwar.
>Ransomware attacked our country in September 2013
>And every year since, the attacks have increased in frequency and sophistication.
>Now our airports, hospitals, schools, government, businesses, and homes…
>Are not safe from the ransomware offensive.
>The intruders exploit a glaring hole in our defenses – foreign made, black list antivirus.
>Ransoms are inflating.
>The enemy is emboldened.
>And the attacks are escalating.
>I will not stop until the war is won.
>PC Matic is made in America…
>Ready to disarm new threats for homes, businesses and governments, quickly and forcefully.
>The best defense wins this war.
>Go to now.

«I believe our country is at war, a cyber war,» said PC Matic CEO Rob Cheng, «and our company is doing all we can to provide innovative solutions to protect our customers and stop the crisis dead in its’ tracks.» This will mark the third national television commercial that PC Matic has debuted in 2019. The commercial may be viewed in its’ entirety here.

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